5 Zone Thyristor Heat Sink

heat_sinkProblem: Maintenance accessibility to changing out a failed SCR due to existing design and location of thyristorpacks (2 – Zone in front; 3 Zones in back). Back-side thyristors
require an additional amount machine down-time in order to pull out the heavy transformer, replace/repair SCR and to re-install.

Solution: Retrofit kit available to replace existing Thryristor/ SCR assembly (p/n 9051833) with an All-Frontside assembly. This will allow maintenance direct access to all thyristors/SCR from the front-side and thereby reducing down-time considerably.

Savings: 3 to 4 hours in labor.

Retrofit Kit Components:
• (5) Zones
• (5) 162A 1000V Semikron Thyristors
• 83°C (181°F) Max Temperature
• Fan cooled heat sink assembly
• Thermal compound for proper thermal transfer
• 90°C N/C thermal switch (monitor alarm available)